WINSTROL oral steroid


The active chemical substance: Stanozolol
The commercial denomination:
Winstrol: 2mg pastilles
Stanabol 5mg
Stromba 2 and 5mgwinstrol oral stromba

For most of the users, the oral Winstrol steroid is less effective than the injectable one. The utilization of an insufficient pills quantity could be one of the causes; the injectable Winstrol Depot dose is 50 mg a day or at least 50 mg every other two days so sporters should use daily 10-25 pastilles of oral Winstrol to obtain the same effect, because the pastilles have only 2 or 5 mg.

Sportsman who use Winstrol Depot prefer the injectable way, but women often prefer the oral Winstrol, because the necessary daily dose of Stanozolol for them is lesser( 10-16 mg a day), so the daily dose is diminishing with 5-8 pastilles of 2 mg.

Another reason that women prefer it is that the dose can be uniform distributable during the day. The advantage of the oral Winstrol is that the side effects concerning the masculinity phenomenon is diminishing to minimum, without a considerable increase of the androgens level in blood provoked by 50 mg injections.

Sportsman who chose the oral Winstrol, will take the daily dose by 2 big rounds: in the morning and in the evening, during the meals; they also have to drink lots of liquids when they take the pastilles. This will assure a better assimilation of the active chemical substance and will diminishing to minimum the apparition of the gastrointestinal disturbances.

Today, on the Russian market, the oral Winstrol is available through the following concoctions : the Spanish Winstrol (“Zambon” firm) with 20 pastilles of each 2 mg – 6$, the Belgian Stromba with 10 pastilles of each 5 mg – 18-20$ and Stanabol, produced in Thailanda, with 200 pastilles of each 5 mg – 60-70$ or 1000 pastilles – 270-300$.