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The problems regarding the use of anabolic steroids in sport (adverse effects, genetic degradation and doping control) stimulate the researchers in finding new substances that can replace steroids. We must recognise that masculine hormone – Testosterone and its synthetic derivates can not be replaced by any pharmaceutical products regarding its efficiency action on muscular weight.

Although, the athletes, administrating anabolic steroids will have problems regarding both their personal health and the possibility of being descalicated by the doping control. Finally, studing the “pro and contra” qualities of steroids, the choice are made by the athletes.

By replacing anabolic steroids there are some pharmaceutical products, saponine-vegetable substances, which have some qualities. Unfortunately on Russian market these kind of substances have not gain trust in spite of the fact that in USA, products such Tribusponin, MyoMeth and PrimePlus, are used by weight lifters.

The basic effect of these pharmaceutical products is the muscular weight growth or its stabilization at a given level. Taking into account the researche made by Russian National Institute of Sport, this effect is two times smaller than steroids, but it does not have adverse effects. The last 25 years researches show that saponines have a steroidic structure, but it is important to know that these products (named Ecdisterone) are converted in testosterone and other anabolic steroids.

In the pharmaceutical laboratories from Medical University of Moscow, Institute of Vegetable Substances and University of California was proved that vegetable steroids accumulated in the muscular tissue and not in sexual glande.

From the practical point of view it is important the efficiency of Russian pharmaceutical product Leveton and its Uzbekistanian Ecdisten. A simple calculus shows that being two times weaker than anabolic steroids; the saponines (Ecdisterones) must be adminstated in a double quantity than Metadrostenolone. The high level of the dose does not present a risc in administration because does not lead to an intoxication and the hormonal activity is normal.

The rational schemes of Ecdisterone use are elaborated for different sports (lift weighter, bodybuilding etc). Starting with 1983 the research where made by different institution such as: Clinical Cardiology Institute, National Institute of Neurology, and for the 1988 Olympic Games from Calgary (Canada) and Seul (Korea), the pharmaceutical product Ecdisten was used for Russian team preparation.

This product is not available as an injectable one. The Ecdisterone predecessor is Ecdisten (5mg comprimate) which is still produce in Uzbekistan and reach the Russian, USA, Swedeen and other countries market. One of the most modern Ecdisterone pharmaceutical products is PrimePlus gel comprimate from USA, containing 5mg Ecdisten, 500mg casein solution 90% and vitamins B2 and B6. In the last time more and more it is used Tribusponin (100mg Tribulis terestris, a vegetable saponine, per comprimate, used in Georgia).

The averaged doses of Ecdisten and PrimePlus (for a athletes of 80kg weight) are: no more than 20mg/dose and no more than 100mg/day (5 adminstrations of 20mg/day). For Tribusponin the dose is higher (each comprimate contains 100mg Tribulis terestris): up to 500mg/dose and no more than 1000mg/day.
Ecdisterones administration as well as other vegetable substances is made before lunch.

The quantity used is very large (10-20 comprimates/day), but the toxicological studies showed that these substances are not toxic. From the autohton dealers, Ecdisten can be obtained at an average price of 20$.