Trenbolone Acetate / FINAJECT steroid

The active chemical substance: Trenbolone Acetate
The commercial denomination:
Finaject /out of market / 30 mg/ml

This injectable steroid from veterinary medicine is out of production for some years. Now an Indian manufacturer buy its production licence so we will present this pharmaceutical product.

Finaject is a steroid with androgen effect, which has an anabolic influence too. It offers to athletes a remarcable growth of force without a growth of ponderal weight. Finaject doesn’t retain water in the body. This is why the powerlifters used it for mentaining the weight. The forces flux is comparable with Dianabol, Anapolon 50 and Testosterones.

trenbolone acetate
An important particularity of Finaject is the fact that the active substance is active in fat burning. Between the profesional bodybuilders it is very popular in the competition preparation period, because it confer a good
Among the professional bodybuilders it is very popular in the practice period, because it conferes a good refill of the muscle with a small level of fat. In case of a correct treatmen the Finaject contributes to a semnificative increase of straight and muscle.

Because the product is an acetate form of Trenbolone it has a limited period of action and is necesares to have repeted and constant injections. Most spotives administrate 1ml (30mg) at every 2 days eventhough tere wouldn’t be am acception the doses of 30-60 mg/day because the result would be a fast increase of staright and qualitative increase os muscle weight.

The Finaject isn’t aromatized because the active chemical substance isn’t transformed in estrogens. In combination with Winstrol he has a miracle effect over the body; the bodybuilders combine 30mg ofinjectable Finaject at every 1-2 days with Winstrol Deport of 50mg at the same period of time both in the increasing of weight period as in the practice period for competitions, they obtained a considerable increase of straight.

There is no other combination that can give the athletes such an elasticity and considerable spore of muscle weight.The possibility of a change so radical of the body in few weeks seams to be a nonsens.
Combinated eith Dianabol and Anapolon 50, the Finaject creates muscle and straight in record period. Unfortunantly this positive aspects of Finaject are annihilated by the adverse effects.

The Finaject is toxical for the liver and at some athletes can lead to colics of kidney. The primary simtom of kidney affection is the blackness of the urine, this is why it is forbidden to use the product in long and increase doses. The water consum must be increase to clean the kidney.

Both to women and men the Finaject leads to androfene adverse effects. The athletes have frequently headache, nasal beadings, increased arterial tension, acne, increased agresivity. The apparition of the tension had no explication because the Finaject lead to a retain of water. The organism staid could get worse because of the increased secretion of the superior glands. The Finaject leads to a sudden change of condition, the athletes become irascible.

The women who use Finaject even for a short period of time can notice irreversible changes that are not wanted. The Finaject is the professionals’ steroid and is not advised to amateurs, it could be used only by the athletes that want to participate in competitions.

The Finaject is out of market for along time, many athletes replacing it with Parabolan, which can be found on market, and as Finaject has the active substance the trenobolon (see Parabolon). In present the Indian firm B.M. Pharmaceuticals has organized the production of Acetate Trebolon product in vials of 5 and 10ml, 50 mg/ml and vials of 50mg. the Thailand firm British Dragon Pharmaceuticals started the production of Acetate Trenobolon 25mg/pill of 25 and 50 pills/blister.