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The androgen function of anabolic steroids

This concoction type is alluded to basis synthetic derived testosterones of the male sexual hormone which offers the anabolic and the androgen action.
The androgen connections of the testosterones settles in the male organism the development of the secondary sexual characters: the body and the face covered with hair, the voice thickening, the development and the erection of the genital organs, sexual behavior and aggressiveness .

Through testosterone anabolic qualities manifestation, appears the acceleration of the musculature. For a long time, doctors tried to administer natural testosterone for diseases , treatment which causes a weight diminution. Unfortunately, the division of the testosterone in his natural form lasts in a human organism only 10 minutes.

This fact means that half of testosterone dose is eliminated from organism 10 minutes after administration. After that, at every 10 minutes is eliminated half from the left-over quantity. After only an hour, is nothing left from the initially quantity. The injection of the natural testosterone in muscles can elongate the total decomposition period to 10 hours, but not even this thing isn’t enough to feel again its action.

The experts worked on natural testosterone to create a concoction similar with the testosterone, but which can be maintained in the organism for a long time so it can generate the expected effect. As a result, they had been obtained synthetic testosterones as 17-alfa-alchilat, 17-beta-ether and 1-methil. All of androgen synthetic steroids (SAA) which are used today are some of the molecules made by testosterone, 17-alfa-alchilat and 1-methil which are administrated using the oral method and 17-beta-ether using the injection.

The created concoctions are different than the resultant substance – testosterone- either because of the diminishing androgen function, because of a bigger androgyny and a diminishing anabolic activity or because of the higher efficacy considering both of the qualities. This fact explains the inequality concerning the efficacy of the SAA effects and the way of acting.

For a while, it has been supposed that the anabolic steroids and the androgen steroids are different things and that’s why there can be obtained new types of steroids which could only increase the musculature without diversified androgen reactions. However, it has been attested that the anabolic and androgen effects are provoked by the same concoctions, but in different ways.

This way, every steroid which increases the musculature determine androgen actions too. However there are divergences considering the anabolic and androgen steroids priority. Testosterone is a parameter in settle the steroid if is androgen or anabolic. The anabolic steroids are those steroids of which androgen action is diminishing, and the androgen steroids are those who have more androgen qualities. The steroids are filled in the organism through intramuscular administration or using the oral way.

When it is injected, the substance pervades blood than through the digestive tube arrives to liver, where either it is destroyed (completely or just a part), or pervades blood in its initially form. The steroids pervades blood as molecules which are moving into body through the sanguine circulation. Every steroid molecule has the information which has to be transmitteble to some cells.

The intended cells for this thing have on their external membrane many receivers types. Some of them are steroid receivers which can be found in most of the muscular cells. The steroid receivers and the steroid molecules have the same weight, shape and they are perfectly appropriate. The steroid receivers gets the steroid molecule avoiding any other molecule type.

The intensified synthesis of proteins is examined as a principal action of steroids on muscular cells, while the steroids cells brings another important information for athletes too. It is known that the steroids have a strong catabolic action. Because of them the proteins percent which are destroyed in muscular cell comes down. Furthermore, the steroids molecules block the cortisone receivers which are found on the muscular cells membrane.

The strong catabolic hormone, the cortisone, formed by organism loses its activity. Another priority of steroids consists in their capacity to increase the creatin-phosphate synthesis in the muscles cells (CP). This process sends out energy and allows muscular cell to work. For the collapsible process of ADP with ATP it is also necessary CP. Those who tried once the Qxandrolon steroid know that this concoction will act first on muscular force, because this force provokes an expanded synthesis of CP in the muscular cell.

Another useful thing for athletes is that the steroids accumulate in the muscular cells carbon hydrate transformed in glycogen. This process issues with the intensive liquid accumulation and with the muscles volume increase and because of it muscles will be stronger.

The steroids diminish the endogenous insulin processing, because the muscular cell can assimilate nutrient substances (carbon hydrates transformed in glycogen and albumin transformed in aminoacid) with a less dependence on insulin. This fact allows athletes to diminish the percentage of the fats content and to increase the muscles force, because the insulin, which is known for the very strong anabolic hormone characteristics, transforms the glucose in glycerol and triglycerol .; this fact determines the lipids increase.

Not all the steroids molecules from the blood connects immediately with the sexual hormones. Some of them are used by the organism and then eliminated; the rest of them can be transformed by organism in female sexual hormones – estrogens. This process is named aromatization and at first it seems impossible but if the male and female sexual hormones are detailed examined you can see that they are very similar. The organism processes very easy the necessary structural changes in the molecule using enzymes.

Some steroids molecules turns into dihydrotestosterone(DHT) such as the exogenous parts of the testosterone. The dihydrotestosterone is similar with the muscular receivers cells and lots of experts consider that it is a more active hormone than the female or male sexual hormones. In the same time, it has a larger capacity to connect with the follicle and with the sebaceous glands.

The DHT can’t be transformed in estrogen. SAA which is found in blood have a bigger capacity to connect the necessary receivers. They can be maintained a long time in a free format and that’s why are better chances for them to meet the receivers. Concoctions such as Nandrolone, Decanoate, Dianabol, Testosterone, Enhantate,Sustanon-250 and Parabolan have a developed capacity to look in the organism for the necessary receivers of different users, because they have a bigger percentage of free molecules than others.

However, lots of things depend on organism peculiarities. Some athletes disposes of a very big quantity of free receivers which intensifies in a radical way the anabolic effect. This thing explains how some of the weightlifters who use small doses of steroids have good results. There are athletes with small quantities of receivers in muscular cells and that’s why only strong concoctions of SAA will be effective for them. Often, those persons use big doses of different steroids without having a visible effect.

Besides the genetically factor, an important aspect is the receivers activity. It is known that the receivers have a more intensive activity in young organism until age 20. At this age, the steroids are better assimilated and determine a maxim result.