The active chemical substance: testosterone heptylate
The commercial denomination:
Testosteron Teramex 50, 100, 250 mg/ml

Testosterone Theramex steroid, as any other injectable testosterone increases fast the straight and muscle weight. In some athletes opinion it has a more notable effect then Enantate Testosterone and Cypionat Testosterone, fact proved by his conservative’s doses of 250-500mg/week and the results obtained.

Those who use this product talk about an incredible “pumping” effect.
Testosterone Theramex steroid has a stimulative effect over the protein synthesis in muscle cells that contributes to the totally recover. The water retain is at a lower level then in Enantat Testosterone and Cypionate Testosterone.

The cause may be the fact that athletes administrates smaller doses of the product then the normal doses of testosterone.

theramex-testosterone-steroidBecause the Testosterone Theramex steroid it is easily aromatized, the antiestrogens are used additional. The general adverse effects are similar to those of Enantat Testosterone.

The athletes usually prefer the doses of 250mg and inject them at least once/week.