Testosterone PROPIONATE/ Agovirin / Androfon / Androlan / Testoviron steroid

The active chemical substance: testosterone propionate
The commercial denomination:
Agovirin 25 mg/ml;
Androfon – Richt – 10 20 mg/ml
Androlan – 50 100 mg/ml
Neo-Nombreol 500 mg/ml
Testosteron propionicum-10 25 mg/ml
Testoviron -10 25 mg/ml
Testoviron 50 mg/ml
Testopin 50 mg/ml, 100 mg/ml

Testosterone Propionate steroid is the third injectable product, after Cypionat and Enantat, which needs a closer description. In some particular cases the Propionate has the same characteristics like the Cypionat and Enantat. The major difference is the fact that Testosterone Propionate steroid was a shorter period of action – just 1-2 days. testosterone propionate

In the Doping- sports forbidden pills, Dirk Clasing and Manfred Doneke mention:” when using intramuscular the ether of testosterone the action period depends on the kind of ether: the high level of testosterone doses of 250mg Enantat intramuscular it is notice for 1-2 weeks, and 50mg of Propionate only 1-2 days”.

Using Testosterone Propionate steroid the athletes has a small retain of water. Because the product a fast action, the athletes feels an energy wave, a strong desire to practice and eat. With Testosterone Propionate steroid can be started an Enantat treatment for a few weeks - administrating 250mg Enantat and 50mg Propionate in the same time.

In this way the athletes will soon get to a high level of testosterone, by the Propionate and will preserve this level for a long time by the help of Enantat. This thing is very important for that athletes that used Anapolon 50 for more then 6 weeks, and had gained a muscle weight and wants to use testosterone. Another possibility to use Testosterone Propionate steroid is by regular injections, at least one/day. The optimal results appear when using 50-100mg/day.

To increase the muscle weight it can be used the combination of 100mg of Testosterone Propionate /day, 50mg Winstrol Deport/day and 30 mg Dianabol/day. Testosterone Propionate steroid it is used preponderate in the practice period. The diet before the competition to maintain the maximum of weight, elasticity and density of the muscle is usually completed by the administration of testosterone.

The combination of 100mg Testosterone Propionate /day, 50mg Winstrol/day, 75mg Parabolan/day and 25mg Oxandrolon/day has positive results and it is used to obtain a qualitative muscle weight. The athletes who avoid using the testosterone because of adverse reaction can use Propionate.

The weekly dose of Testosterone Propionate is 350mg when other testosterone’s ethers has a range of more than 1000 mg. Compared with ET Testosterone Propionate steroid is a more delicate and tolerated substance by the organism. Testosterone Propionate steroid is ideal for direct use before the competitions as a fear therapy, if the doping test is required.

After the injection of Testosterone Propionate , the level of “Testosterone/Epitestosterone” is reduced under the critical level of “6”. Testosterone Propionate steroid effects in these cases are detailed described in B. Berendonc’s book The doping from research to fraudulence: “ the T/E index of “6” was establish at a high level because by intelligent injections (or other forms) of Testosterone’s ethers to get to a high level but under “6”.”

The women prefer Testosterone Propionate steroid because of the possibility of avoiding the androgens effects, which is achieved only by the correct administration. The secret consists in increasing the intervals between the injections so that the testosterone level can decrease without the accumulation of androgens in the body.

This is the reason why women administrate Testosterone Propionate 5-7 days in doses of only 25-50mg. The period of treatment can not be more than 8-10 weeks.

The adverse effects of Testosterone Propionate are similar to those of ET and CT, but they appear rarely. In cases of genetically aptitude and big doses can appear: acne, increasing of voice, capillary and body hairiness. In spite of the high level of conversion of propionate, the ginecomastia appear rarely then when are used other testosterones.

It is necessary to use products to increase the stimulation of testosterone as hCG and Clomid, because the propionate influences the arch “hypothalamus- hipofiza- testicle” and oppress the own endogen hormones secretion. The toxically influence on the liver is minimal; that means the injuries are excluded (see ET) the only problem of the athletes is the repeated injections.

About the variations of Testosterone Propionate present on Russian market we can mention: the original Testosterone Propionate is an absolute lethargic product. In conformity with the researches, there was no declared active chemical substance in it. From the substances used the only one that can be found on Russian market is Testopin of Indian manufacturer B.M. Pharmaceuticals, vials of 2ml concentration 50mg/ml and 100mg/ml at a price of 2-2.5$ and 2.5-3$.