The active chemical substance: testosteron cypionat
The commercial denomination:
Andro – Cyp. 100 mg/ml; 200 mg/ml
Andronad 100 mg/ml; 200 mg/ml
D – Test 100 mg/ml; 200 mg/ml
Den – Test 100 mg/ml
Dep Andro – 100 – 2000 100 mg/ml
Depotest 100 mg/ml; 200 mg/ml
Malogek Syl 100 mg/ml; 200 mg/ml
Testa – S 200 mg /ml
Testodieta – Depot 200 mg/ml;
Testex Leo prolongatum 50 mg/ml; 125 mg/ml
Testred Cypionat 200 mg/ml
Testoject 200 mg/ml
Testacyp 100 mg/ml

Testosterone Cypionate steroid is the most popular testosterone in USA. If we use the special literature:”... Testosterone Cypionate steroid is the injectable form of testosterone dissolved in oil, with a strong anabolic and androgenic effect.

Testosterone Cypionate steroid  aromatize very easy and the water retain is one of its problems. Testosterone Cypionate steroid is also toxic for the liver and it decreases the regeneration of own testosterone. testosterone cypionate

In most cases Testosterone Cypionate steroid gives a considerable spore of straight and weight but loses after stopping the treatment are considerable as well. The professional athletes recomand, for minimizing the adverse effect, to use Nolvadex combined with a smaller dose of Cypionat Testosterone”.

The active dose for men is 1-3ml/week; women are advice not to use this product. The qualities of Cypionat Testosterone are similar to those of Enantat Testosterone, so we can say that the Cypionat is the long time American testosterone when the Enantat is the European one.

Every thing said about the Enantat Testosterone refers to Testosterone Cypionate steroid too. Dan Duchaine in his book Steroid guide – 2 affirmed that:
” if the athletes doesn’t have serious reactions to water retain, he wouldn’t make the difference between Testosterone Cypionate steroid and the Enantat Testosterone”.

Till recently in Russia there wasn’t Testosterone Cypionate steroid. Starting with 2001 there are present on market the Testacyp produced by Indian B.M. Pharmaceuticals (vials 2ml, 100mg/ml -5-6$ and bottles 10ml, 100mg/ml- 50-55$) and Testex of Spanish Leo firm (vials 2ml-50,100mg/ml- 4-5$). In the near future it is expected to appear on Russian market the Indian Testacyp (vials 250mg/ml and aqueous suspense vials 2ml, 100,250 mg/ml.