The active chemical substance: testosteron propionat/testosteron enantat
The commercial denomination:
Testoviron Depot 100 100 mg/ml
Testoviron Depot 150 150 mg/ml
Primoteston Depot 100 100 mg/ml
Testenon 10 % şi 20%
Testenat 100 mg/ml

This is complex pharmaceutical product as a combination of 2 ethers of testosterone.
Because of the PT content, the effect on the organism is noticeable very fast and it has effect for few days. Because of the strong anabolic action, combined with the strong androgen effect, the product is efficient in increasing the straight and muscle weight. Like most testosterones, the product retains water, but not as strongly as in the ET case.

TESTENAT STEROIDAlthough there are possible higher differences between the injections, usually the athletes inject  the Testenat at least once/week. The doses are usually 2-4ml/week (see ET and PT). Although for amateurs of testosterone this is an attractive product, in practice it is used rarely then Sustanon, Omnadren and pure ET, because till now, the combination “propionate-enantate” was rarely available on Russian market.

The offer of the combination “propionate-enantate” at this time, in Moscow, is composed by: original Testenate – an absolute “empty” product, inefficient; in some places Primoteston Depot 100 and Testoviron Deport 100 and 150, the prices of different dealers was between 2-6$/vials; the Testenon appeared recently but already gain a good reputation, the product of Indian B.M. Pharmaceuticals, is produced in vials of 2ml with 2 variants of concentration: 10%(115mg Enantat plus 25 mg Propionat at the price of 5-6$) and concentration of 29% at the price of 8-9$.

It is expected on Russian market the vials of Testosterone 135mg and Indian analog of preferred American Stan steroid that beside the 75mg of Enantat and 25 mg of Propionate contains 30mg of Prohormon DHEA. The product will appear under the name of Stenuron (vials 2ml, 130mg/ml).