Stenbolone / ANATROPIN  steroid

The active chemical substance: Stenbolone acetat
The commercial denomination:
Anatropin 25mg/ml, 100mg/ml
Stenbolone 25mg/ml, 50mg/ml, 100mg/ml

This steroid is out of market since the 80’s. Stenbolone was a product that had lots of popularity and still presents interest.
The Stenbolone was first relieved on market in 1963 by Sintex, the same manufacturer who produce the Anadrol steroids (also out of market), the Oxitozon (out of market) and Anapolon.

Stenbolone steroid has similar application as the steroids mentioned before. The manufacturer elaborated this product as a soft alternative of the toxic Anapolon. The efforts had great results because the Stenbolone isn’t toxic to the liver, doesn’t aromatize and has an androgen effect very weak. As the Anapolon, the Stenbolone is efficient in solving the dysfunction of blood producing because the product increases the number of red cells.ANATROPIN STEROID

The Stenbolone is recommended mostly to professional athletes because it increases the regeneration level in diet time. Often the bodybuilders who participate at competitions reach the catabolic faze when they over-do their self.

Stenbolone steroid has an efficient action over those symptoms and helps the recovery of the athletes, because by its action it doesn’t retain water and doesn’t increase the level of estrogens. The Stenbolone has an anabolic and androgenic effect considerably weak when it is compared with the oral version of this product, the injectable version leading to a lent but quality increase of muscle weight and straight.

This is the reason why it is administrated by women, beginners of steroids treatment and older athletes, who by using Stenbolone obtained great result without the risk of adverse reactions.
The Stenbolone was first of all a product for competitions period.

Because the active chemical substance is in the acetate form, it had a short time of disintegration that needs a constantly repeated injection to maintain the blood concentration at a high and constant level. The optimal variant was daily injections or one injection at every 2 days. The normal dose for athletes was 200-300mg/ week and women bodybuilders usually administrate 100-150mg/week divided in three parts by week.

The possible secondary effects rarely appeared, the product was very good tolerated by the liver, rarely acne, the high aggressiveness or a small level of generation of hormones. The women masculinity appeared only to those who were very sensible, at long (more then 8 weeks) and big doses.