The active chemical substance: etilestrenol
The commercial denomination:
Maxibolin / out of market/ 2mg pastilles
Maxibolin / out of market / 25mg/ml
Silabolin 25mg/ml, 50mg/ml
Orabolin 2mg/ pastilles

The Silabolin is an injectable product, an analog of Maxibolin pills which was withdrawn from the market. Because the Silabolin is presented in an injectable form its active substance, the ethylestrenol, has suffered some changes and this is the reason which this product has a much pronounce effect then Maxibolin.

Silabolin has a strong anabolic effect and a small androgen one. It is a delicate steroid which is used by athletes in combination with other steroids to gain weight and straight because the Silabolin is characterized by increasing the effects of the steroid administered in combination with.orabolin

Many athletes ignore this product, thinking that is not efficient, but in most cases the inefficiency is caused by the wrong administration and not by its pharmaceutical characteristics. Silabolin is like Durabolin, has long anabolic effects that can least till 14 days.

Theoretically this allows injecting it once at every 2 weeks, but in practical this is used al least one every week, some prefer to use it daily. The increasing of the muscle weight is lent only in case of using injectable Durabolin or Deca-Durabolin, but at the end it is obtained a muscle weight of good quality and after stopping using this steroid the muscle weight and the straight remain in most part.

When using this product the water retains in organism is minimal, it also has a minimal influence on the production of own testosterone and in a smaller measure then Durabolin, it decreases the sensibility thru the cortisol. Another important characteristic of Silabolin is that it doesn’t aromatize.

The Silabolin is usually used by women, because its secondary effects like women masculinity, growing hear; appear only in case of long time over-doses. In cases of doses of 200mg/week, androgen effect isn’t seen. The Silabolin doesn’t have any effect on the function of the liver. After the tests it was observed that even after using this product for some years, it still doesn’t affect the liver.

The ideal combination for athletes is 150-350mg of Silabolin/week and 240-320mg of Andriol, which practically excludes any possibility of harming the liver.
In Moscow a box of Silabolin (5 vials of 50mg/vials) it is sold by approximately 8$.