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Pro-hormones are those substances that are the natural predecessors of sexual hormones or are capable to convert in similar products. In this class are: Androstenedione, Androstendiol, 19-Norandrostendione, 19-Norandrostendiol as well as Pregnenolone. These were elaborated for supleant-hormonal therapy and only after the physician have selected, were used as supliments.

Let’s study in detail the mechanism of action. In the body, Androstendione and Androstendiol are synthetized from holesterine, after complicated reactions, and then are passed to sexual hormones – androgene (first of all Testosterone or estrogenes). These substances will be than modified by reactions.

Small quantity modification will cause negative results of pro-hormones researche on muscle volume and force modification. One of the papers that present such results, published in “Journal of American Medical Association”, 1999, was followed by many protestes from sustaining Androstendion.

Now we can find Pregnenolone, Androstendione, Androstendiol and their 10-norandro derivates and are produced by many manufacturers.
From the beginning it is necessary, that the athletes to determine the desired effect. Ussualy it is administrated about 100-300mg/day, when we want a maximum level of Testosterone or other anabolic hormones in blood.

Pro-hormonal more products are found as comprimates. Also exist sublingual or supradermal (gel, plasture) products, which have a more efficient activity. The gel product penetrates the skin and has a long time period of efficiency than oral one.

It is recomandeded to use liver protected pharmaceutical products, not only in the period of administration but also before and after the therapy. Even the pro-hormones products lead to o considerable growth of Testosterone and Nortestosterone content, they have considerable defects.