The active chemical substance: trenobolon hexahidrobenzilcarbonat
The commercial denomination:
Parabolan  76 mg/15ml

Parabolan steroid is one of the favorite products used in bodybuilinding and power-lifting. It is similar with Finaject, out of market since 1986, because the trenobol is the baize substation in both cases.

Parabolan is a strong androgenic steroid that has high anabolic qualities. The particularity is that among the other androgens strong steroids, it doesn’t aromatize. The active chemical substance of the product isn’t transformed in estrogens and the athletes isn’t obligated to fight with high concentration of estrogens in blood and feminine phenomenal. Te administration of Parabolan doesn’t lead to a retain of water in the organism.parabolan

These properties make this product to be the ideal steroid for practice for competitions, which combined with a diet rich in proteins, is extremely efficient. If it is reached a low concentration of lipids by the limitation of the quantity of calories, the Parabolan gives rigidity to the athletes muscles. The strong androgen action prevents the possible effect of the over-training, helps the regeneration and the muscle are getting more ample and pounced.

Parabolan steroid gives a flux of straight, which is strongly pronounced at the combination of Parabolan with Oxandrolon. Because the Parabolan doesn’t retain the water in the organism, there is no sudden increase in weight, and it is notable the qualitative increase of muscle volume. Very efficient is the combination of Parabolan with injectable Winstrol, which gives the athletes a qualitative muscle with an impressive increase of straight.

Parabolan, unlike the Finaject, is a non-acetate form of trenobolon and, theoretical, it can be administrated fewer injections. The producing firm mention on the prospect that the Parabolan can be injected only once at 14 days, but without being an efficient form of administration the product. Most inject it at east twice a week. There are athletes that in the last 3-4 weeks before competition administrate daily 2 vials.

The popular dose is of 228mg/week. That is equal with 3 vials /week. The practice proves that the best results are given when using a vial of 76mg every 2-3 days. Very efficient is also the combination of a vial of Parabolan at every 2-3days, the athletes interested in fast increase in weight usually administrate it with 30 mg of Dianabol daily, and those interested of the quality of muscle administrate it with 25mg Oxandrolon/day.

Parabolan isn’t a steroid for permanent administration because it is toxic. The period of treatment must be limited to 8 weeks. In is known that the Parabolan has a negative influence on the kidney, first of all, then on the liver. The athletes that administrate it in big doses tell about a dark color of the urine. In extreme cases the appearance of blood in the urine, in this case there will be use 3 liters of water to clean the kidney. Because the Parabolan doesn’t retain water and salts in the organism, the phenomena of arterial tension is rarely noticed.

As in the case of Finaject administration, at most athletes that use the Parabolan it is noticed an aggressive behavior do to the androgens strong effects of the product. The acne and hairiness appear rarely, which means that the active substance isn’t transformed into dihidrotestosteron.

Once stopped the treatment it is detectible a decrease of staright, but the created muscle is preserved for a longer period of time. Because the Parabolan decreases the generation of endogen testosterone, at the end of treatment it is recommended to use the product that stimulates the production of testosterone. The beginners of steroid treatment should not use the Parabolan. This is also true in woman case.

And there are a significant number of women bodybuilders that use the Parabolan. First of all this is administrated by the professionals women that are in the training period for competitions. Women that inject up to 1 vial/week and limits to the administration of the product for 4-5 weeks can avoid or minimize the virility phenomenon.

 Parabolan steroid was produced exclusively by the French”Negama” firm. But know is out of market. That Parabolan that appears on Russian market is the leftovers from all Europe. A vial of Parabolan in Moscow it is sold by 9-10$. The news is that the Indian firm B.M. Pharmaceuticals started the production of Parabolanaject product –vials 100mg/2ml.