The Nandrolone UNDECANOATE / DYNABOLON steroid

The active chemical substance: Nandrolone undecanoate.
The commercial denomination:
Dinabolon 80,5mg/ml
Psihobolon 80,5mg/ml

This steroid contains Nandrolone. Athletes have a predilection for Nandrolone, because it assures good results and it doesn’t provoke many side effects. Although is often compared with Deca, the Dinabolon has a stronger effect, it’s more androgen, so it has a stronger anabolic effect. 

Athletes say that they observed a speedy musculature increase and a force augmentation. The weight increase and the force augmentation are accompanied with the water fixation in tissues ant articulations.

The Dianabol doesn’t aromatize in doses smaller than 4 ml a week. Its effect is maintained not longer than 2 weeks and that’s why are necessary more often injections than in Deca’s case. Usually, athletes who use it in treatments, injects it 2 times a week. The minimum dose is 2 ml a week.

For most of the sporetrs the sufficient weekly dosage is 4 ml( 322 mg), divided in two injections of 2 ml. Women use 1 ml a week and they don’t collate the virility phenomenon if the utilization’s duration is no longer than 6 weeks. The Dianabol is rarely used of western women  because they prefer Deca or Durabolin with a shorter time effect.

The possible side effects aren’t many and usually appear if there are used big dosages or if hypersensitive persons are using it. The possible arterial tension increase, the holesterine augmentation in blood, the acne or the gynaecomasthy disappear once the concoction isn’t used any more.

The liver tolerates the Dinabolon pretty good so the liver’s secretion increase is rarely produced. However, in distinction of Deca, this concoction isn’t used to treat the liver.