Nandrolone LAURAT / LAURABOLIN steroid

The active chemical substance: Nandrolone laurat
The commercial denomination:
Laurabolin 50mg/ml
Laurabolin V 50mg/ml

The Lurabolin is an injectable steroid used in vet medicine, usually for dogs. The bodybuilders utilizes it because its qualitieslaurabolin are similar with other concoctions from Nadrolon’s group (Deca-Durabolin, Durabolin and Anadur); the difference is that the Lurabolin has a more long time effect and it is active for 4 weeks.

Theoretical, a single injection it’s enough for one month, but no athlete respects this rule because such a small dose doesn’t help him to obtain big realizations. The culturists inject the Lurabolin at least one time a week and they say that good results can be obtained if the dose is pretty big.

The most frequent dose is of 200-400 mg a week. A big disadvantage of this concoction is that it can be found only in 50 mg/ml phials; weekly are injected 4-8 ml( 2 ml two times a week).

The Lurabolin’s results are similar with the Deca-Durabolin’s ones and the side effects are the same, but the westerner sporters prefer the Lurabolin because in their countries is cheaper than Deca.