The active chemical substance: Nandrolone hexyloxifenylpropionate
The commercial denomination:
Anadur 250mg/ml

Anador is a steroid which contains an active chemical substance named Nandrolone . Although Anador is available in many continental countries, the athletes don’t use it frequently, because its action is similar to Deca-Durabolin which is better known. However, this concoction has different proprieties than Deca.

The Nandrolone maintains its effect for the longest period of time through Anadur. After injection, the active chemical substance keeps its effect in the human organism for 4 weeks.

Anadur isn’t a steroid good for a speedy musculature and force increase. It’s a basic steroid, classical, with an anabolic effect which befriends the slow and lasting increase of the musculature and force. Athletes who use Anadur have a less water accumulation than if they had been using Deca.

For this reason, some bodybuilders prefer Anadur for competition trainings. Therewith, sporters have to know that in these cases it’s better to associate the concoction with other steroids which have a strong androgen effect such as Parabolan or Testosterone Propionat; this way, during the diet the organism is protected of musculature losses and of overdemand trainings because the androgen proprieties of Anadur are reduced.

Andur is used in treatments with steroids which lasts for months, because it has a long time effect. The good results are usually obtained even after its utilization. Women are using 50-100 mg doses at every 10 days and they don’t develop side effects such as virility phenomenon; they can also combine it with pastilles of Winstrol, Primobolan or Oxandrolon. For mans, the antiestrogens utilization isn’t necessary because Anadur is a little aromatized and it rarely provokes ginaecomasthy.

The Anadur’s side effects are lesser than the Deca-Durabolin’s ones. The liver’s disturbance is excluded and that’s why it can be used even if the liver is affected. The virility phenomenon such as acne, voice thickening, hairiness on the body and the libido augmentation could be developed only of hypersensitive women. It isn’t excluded the arterial tension increase because of the water fixation in the organism, but this thing rarely happens.

It isn’t necessary the stimulating testosterone concoction utilization such as hCG or Clomid, because Anadur doesn’t provoke a significant diminution of the specific testosterone and it doesn’t stops the genesis sperm.
Anadur is a good tolerated steroid, which ameliorates the general functional state of the organism. Lots of the athletes said that they observed an amelioration of their psychic condition.

When it comes for doses, 250 mg at every 10 days can bring good results. In distinction of Deca which is injected weekly, for Anadur is sufficient an injection at every 10 days because of its the long time effect.