The active chemical substance: Nandrolone fenylpropionate
The commercial denomination:
Anabolin 100mg/ml
Androlon 50/mg/ml
Durabolin 25,50andi 100mg/ml
Dubol 50 and 100 mg/ml
Equibolin 100mg/ml
Ferbolico 50mg/ml
Nadrobolin 25mg/ml
Nerobolin / out of market / 25mg/ml
Superanabolon 25mg/ml
Turinabol / out of market/ 25mg/ml

The Durabolin is very similar to Deca-Durabolin which became so popular. It is the Deca’s predecessor and it is supplied since 1959 by “Organon” firm, meaning it’s 3 years “older”. The main difference between those two concoctions is the distinct effect they’re having on the organism. Durabolin contains Androlon, but in distinction of Deca, it isn’t decanoat, it is fenilpropionat, so the Durabolin has a more reduced period of action.

A Deca weekly injection it’s enough, while Durabolin needs a more frequent utilization. Its active chemical substance arrives rapidly in blood and it keeps its effect for 2-3 days. The athletes who wants to obtain good results, use the Durabolin injection at every three or two days. The dose varies between 50-200 mg and for a weekly injection between 150-600 mg.
The Durabolin has a strong anabolic effect combined with the androgen one, which befriends the athlete’s tissues regeneration and during the diet helps to maintain the musculature.

The Durabolin provokes more water accumulation than the Deca-Durabolin, the best for competition trainings , while Deca augments the force and the musculature, although the Durabolin is particularly used for these.
The increase is lesser and slowly than in the Deca-Durabolin combination, but it has a higher quality and it is maintained after the treatment too. A good combination for force and muscles volume increase could be the following: 50 mg of Durabolin at every tow days, 50 mg of Testosterone Propionat at every two days and 20 mg of oral Winstrol a day.

Although women can use Deca in 100-200 mg weekly dosages, the hypersensitive women athletes can have problems because of the vestigial androgen action. The water accumulation, the hypertension, the estrogens augmentation in blood and the virility phenomenon can be rarely provoked if the they use Durabolin. That’s why the bodybuilders-women take weekly dosages; the androgens agglomeration in blood can’t appear in a such short interval.Good results are obtained if they use weekly 50 mg of Durabolin, 50 mg of Testosterone Propionat at every 8-10 mg and 8-10 mg Winstrol or 10 mg of Oxandrolon a day; if they use different concoctions in the same time it is necessary to exist 3-4 days between them.

Durabolin is one of the most certain and insider steroid. The side effects can be rarely observed and only of hypersensitive persons. The Durabolin doesn’t influences the liver function and sometimes it is prescribed in liver’s treatment. Side effects such as voice thickening, intensive hairiness, acne, inflated libido are possible but their probability apparition is very small if they are used in normal dosages and not for a long time.

Men shouldn’t have any problem, but the diminution of testosterones production can be possible if they use big doses for a long time, because during the hypofise the gonadotrophins quickening is diminishing.
After the Hungarian Nerobolin and german Turinabol were out of market, in Russia was supplied for a long time just one concoction with Nadrolon fenilpropionat content – Fenobolin, produced by “Farmadon”( a Russian firm).

It wasn’t very used because of its reduced concentration (10 mg/ml), so it was out of market in a short time. Today, the Russian athletes don’t have problems considering the “Fenil” procurementm, because the Dubol concoction is available in sufficient quantities; it is produced by “Haraya Biologicals” Indian firm, presented in 50 mg phial for 2-2.5$ or 2 ml (100mg/ml)phials for 6-7$.
The Supernabolon produced in Czech is rarely found but it is much more expensive (1 phial of 25 mg costs 3$) and that’s why isn’t very used.

The liver handles pretty good the Durabolin because its secretion isn’t increased, but in distinction with Deca, this concoction can’t be used for liver’s treatment.