The active chemical substance: Metiltestosteron
The commercial denomination:
Agovirin 10mg – dragees
Android 5,10,25mg – pastillesagovirin
Androral 10mg – pastilles
Arcosteron 10,25mg – pastilles
Hormobin 5mg – pastilles
Longivol 1mg – pastilles
Mesteron 10mg pastilles
Metandren 5mg – pastilles
Metiltestosteron 5mg – pastilles
Testormon 10mg
T. Lingvalete 5mg – pastilles
Testovis 10mg – capsules
Testred 10mg – capsules
Virilon 10mg – capsules

The methyltestosterone is an oral form of testosterone. The oral testosterone is inactive, because a good part of it is used for the liver metabolism and it is decomposed, so only 5-10% will be present in blood. If you will analyze carefully, you will observe that this concoction is a 17-alfa methyltestosterone, meaning that on the C-17 molecule’s position is growing a methyl group, so the Methyltestosterone is decomposed and it is inactivated in the liver area slower than the oral Methiltestosterone.

The concoction arrives in blood very fast and the disintegration period is very short. The Methiltestosterone is a concoction with a strong action because of its significant androgen effect. It is used especially when the aggressiveness has to be increased. The weightlifters use it before trainings and before important competitions because the androgen effect is observed after only one hour, befriending the aggressiveness, the overvaluation, the motivational impulse; these effects help them to upend more weights.

The Methiltestosterone steroid utilization is restricted in bodybuilding because it isn’t good for a continual increase of force and musculature. Usually, culturists use Dianabol. Those who want to try the concoction’s effects just once, will have a sudden flow of energy and will have a seriously weight increase, because of the significant water accumulation. The sporter’s silhouette becomes solid and hefty only for a short time, while the water is maintained in the organism.

The dosage spectrum is very large ( from 2 until 20 or even more pastilles for just one round) and usually is by the aggressiveness level which sporter wants to obtain. The Methiltestosterone next to Anapolon, is the most toxic oral steroid. The hypertension, the liver disturbances, the acne or the ginaecomasthy are the most frequent side effects of Methiltestosterone.

In principle, those side effects can be diminished if the sporters use Nolvadex and Provironul.
In Russian pharmacies, a Methiltestosterone box(10 pastilles each of 5 mg) costs approximate 3$.