The active chemical substance: metilandrostenediol dipropopionate.
The commercial denomination:
Andris 10mg – pastilles
Nibolin (out of market) 50mg/ml
Metildiol (out of market) 2mg – pastilles
Metilandrostendiol 10mg, 25mg – pastilles
Novandrol 10mg, 25mg – dragees

The Metandriol Dipropionat (MD) is a form with a longer action, presented in an oily solution for injections and pastilles. The concoction has a significant anabolic and androgen action and it is known as a good way of force and musculature increase. Its action is comparable to Deca-Durabolin-Testosterone Enantat combination.

As well as the testosterone, MD befriends a good force and musculature increase and it doesn’t accumulate water more than the Deca-Durabolin. Although, the best performances are obtained by using it in association with any other steroid, because it had been observed that the MD has the capacity to intensify the action of other concoctions.

The reason: makes the muscles androgen receivers more sensitive; the muscles receive a bigger number of steroids molecules from the supplementary injected steroid. That’s why the injectable MD is recommended to be used only in combination with other “chemical” substances from different steroids.

The injectable MD can be found only in Australian vet steroids : Drive, Spectriol, Heldabol and Filibol Forte, so its procurement is a complicated problem not only in Russia. A small number of western athletes who use those medicines have a good force and musculature increase and a reduced water accumulation. The injectable form is less aromatized and less toxic. The most frequent dose used of athletes is 100 mg for 2-3 days.

In Europe only the oral form of MD exists and even in this case its association with other steroids is necessary. The daily dose should be of 40-60 mg used in 2-3 rounds .The pastilles are often used in 4-6 weeks treatments, because its effects are rapidly diminished so the sporter needs bigger doses and this isn’t recommended . More than that, the pastilles are made from 17-alfa parts and even if they are used in small doses and not for a long time, can provoke liver disturbances.

Women are rarely using the MD because of its androgen action.
The possible side effects of MD pastilles : the liver inflated secretion , the gastrointestinal disturbances, the acne, the ginaecomasthy, an expanded aggressiveness or an easy arterial tension increase.

In the past, on the Russian market the inland Metilandrostendiol was available (in boxes of 30 pastilles each of 10-25 mg), but it isn’t produced any more.