The active chemical substance: metilandrostenediol
The commercial denomination:
Acveous (out of market) 50mg/ml
Metandriol (out of market) 50mg/ml

At the 80’s start, Acveous was the favorite steroid in USA. This was an injectable concoction, dissolved in water which was methandriolproduced only in 50 mg/ml phials. The bodybuilders and the professional power lifters preferred it for its high androgen qualities and for the short duration of its effects.

The daily injections were necessary because the concoction was dissolved in water. The Acveous advantage was that it doesn’t befriended the water accumulation and its androgen components allowed lifters to increase their force without increasing their weight and culturists to have strong and tight muscles. There are information considering lots of force records which were determined because of Acveous’s help.

Unfortunately, Acveous steroid is very detrimental for the organism. The androgens level is very high, aromatizes very easy and is noisome for the liver. Its long utilization sudden diminishes the hormones production, befriends the testicle atrophy and the sterility. Others side effects can be the acne, the baldness but the sudden decreasing performances after you stop using it too.

A frequent side effect caused by Acveous is the high aggressiveness level. After a short utilization the libido augmentation is obvious, but during long treatments it can cause impotence.

Usually, Acveous was daily injected one week before the powerlifting competitions. The culturists considered that the Acveous injections used one day before competition and in the competition day helps to maintain the musculature toughness.
Today, there are no original concoctions or fabricated concoctions of Acveous.