The active chemical substance: drostanolone propionate.
The commercial denomination:
Masterid / 100mg/2ml
Masteril  / 100mg/2ml
Masteron / 100mg/2ml
Permastril / 100mg/2mlmasteron

The Masteron was very appreciated of the bodybuilders. This steroid was so popular because of its chemical substance with exceptional qualities.

The propionate Drostanolon is a synthetic derived of dihydrotestosterone. As a result, the concoction doesn’t aromatize and it doesn’t transform in estrogens. This peculiarity was confirmed by the Belgian producer firm, “Sarva-Sintex”, which attributes antiestrogens proprieties for the concoction.

The Masteron is an androgen steroid, so the athlete can increase the content of androgens in blood, without rising the estrogens level. As a result, he will obtain a bigger elasticity, fastness and a good muscles contour, but in the same time he has to know that the Masteron befriends the muscles amelioration only for some sporters.

Only if the athlete has an organism with a less fats content, the Masteron has a significant role considering the dusty muscles and the slender aspect; that’s why the Masteron was recommended to be used during the lasts 4 weeks before the competitions to confer muscles a final contour. An ideal way of using the Masteron was its association with other steroids such as Winstrol, Primobolan, Oxandrolon and Testosterone Propinat.

The most frequent dosage for the athletes is 100 mg 3 times a week.
There are necessary frequent and systematic injections of Drostanolon Propionat because this concoction is very easy disintegrated in the organism. This thing made the Masteron a very attractive steroid for those who wanted to be tested to see if they had been using drugs with the urine negative indexes.

The sporters were injecting the concoction happily even with 2 weeks before the competition because the propionate from Drostanolon is kept in the organism in small quantities not for a long time.
The Masteron domain of application wasn’t just the competition trainings; it was also a good support for qualitative musculature increase because of its anabolic proprieties. In this cases, there were used injections of 1 phial (100 mg) every other days in association with the Primobolan, the Winstrol and the Testosterone Propionat.

Even if weren’t obtained significant augmentations of musculature and force, the sporter was obtaining a high quality for muscles and stabile results.
Even if women weren’t using Masteron too often, this steroid was used of some sports women right before competitions. The dosages for women were 100 mg for 4-5 days.

The Masteron isn’t toxic for the liver. It doesn’t generate problemes considering the hypertension or ginaecomasthy, because the concoction doesn’t provoke the water accumulation and the estrogens level is small. The main problem is the acne and the baldness, because the dihydrotestosterone has a huge affinity with the skin’s androgen receivers, especially with the head’s skin receivers.

In most of the cases, the Masteron wasn’t used in big doses and its utilization duration was diminishing to few weeks; that’s why the general indulgence of the concoction was very good.
Because the Masteron isn’t supplied for a long time ago, it’s impossible to find an original concoction. But there are information that an Indian firm obtained the licence and will launch the Masternoject concoction (phials of 2 ml, 100mg/ml).