The active chemical substance: fluoximesteron
The commercial denomination:
Android F 10 mg/pastilles
Halotestin 2,5 şi 10mg/ pastilles
Histeron Teabe 10 mg/ pastilles
Ora-testril 5 ml/ pastilles
Ultandren 1 sau 5 mg/ pastilles

Halotestin is a steroid that has strong androgen qualities and insignificant anabolic qualities in the same time. The active chemical substance- fluoximesterone- is a product of metiltestosterone and is destined for oral administration. The Halotestin is used especially when the athletes needs an increase of straight and not muscle weight.

The weightlifters and power-lifters  who want to maintain a limit of weight usually use the Halotestin because they are interested in an increase of straight without increasing their weight. In bodybuilding this product is used only for the preparation in competitions because the active chemical substance is a strong androgen and in the same time in is little aromatize.halotestin-steroid

For the athletes with few fats, the Halotestin gives to his muscle pronounced straight and contour. Even though the perimeter of the muscle isn’t increasing, at the end this leads to exterior visible more massive, because of the increasing in density of the muscle.

The product is good do to the fact that the daily doses of 20mg doesn’t cause the retain of water. In the treatment period, the aggressively of those who use it is increased but it helps to support the hard an intensive training. This is another reason why the product is popular among the strong athletes, football players and boxers especially.

The normal dose is 20-30mg/day, the bodybuilders administrate most of the time 20mg/day, while the lifters no less then 30mg/day. Usually the pills are divided in 2 equal parts and taken in the morning and at night with lots of water. Because the pills are alchilate of 17-alfa, they can be taken during food time, without losing the action over the organism.

Among his qualities, the Halotestin is a toxic steroid. Combined with Anapolon 50 and Metiltesosteron, it causes different adverse reactions. For those who want to administrate this product must limit the period to less then 4 weeks and a doses smaller then 20mg/day. At an administration longer of the product, it has a strong effect on the liver.

Other adverse reactions are the excessive secretion of epiploon glands, acne, nasal bleedings, headache, stomach illness and the spot of own testosterone production. Men are easily turned-on and become aggressive. The Ginecomastia and the increase of tension are rarely and appear only when used doses of more the 30mg/day.

Women must avoid the Halotestin because this can lead to strong apparition of  masculinity.

On Russian market it is seen mostly the Belgian Halotestin.100 pills of 5mg of active substance will cost the athletes approximately 100$. In the near future it is expected the apparition of Chinese Halotestin produced by the Hubei Huanghi Pharmaceuticals firm- blister of 20 pills of 5 and 10 mg.