The active chemical substance: boldenon undesilenat
The commercial denomination:
EQUIPOISE 25, 50 mg/ml
Ganabol 25 mg/ml
Pays 25 mg/ml
Sibolin 25 mg/ml
Boldenon 50 mg/ml
Venobol 25 mg/ml

The active chemical substance the boldenon undesylenate it is rarely seen among the steroids in veterinary medicine. The American EQUIPOISE is destinated to horses, the Columbian Ganabol for cows, the German Venobol for hens, but athletes ignore this thing , that proves the popularity and use in large scale of this product in West. We must admit that these veterinary products have a very good action on human body.EQUIPOSE -STEROID

EQUIPOISE steroid has a relative strong action, combined with weaker androgens, this is the reason that this product isn’t a steroid for massive increasing of straight and muscle weight in a short period of time.

EQUIPOISE steroid has a positive action in the exchange of substance in the body, this mean that his principal action is the high synthesis of albumin in the muscle cells. As a result, the increase of body weight is slowly but of a good qualite. That is explained by the fact that it retains little water in the organism.

Another priority of the product is the fact it isn’t aromatize, that makes it an efficient method in the period of training for competitions. The athletes that combined in the treatment before the competition the EQUIPOISE with injectable Winstrol talk about an elasticity and density of muscles.

At a high caloric alimentation this combination a strong increases of straight and a fast accumulation of quality muscles. Most of them are convinced that the EQUIPOISE has an effect in increasing the appetite. The success reached with the help of this product, usually maintain after the period of administration.

Plus the EQUIPOISE intensifies the eritropoeza that is shown by the intensive prelucration of the eritrocite by the organism. As a result, the body builders fell in the practice period a pumping phenomenon.

The weekly dose for most athletes is of 150-300mg. for many of them it is enough 50mg at every 2 days. The bodybuilders usually administrate bigger doses-50mg/day and have extraordinary results.

Women have also a positive reaction to EQUIPOISE and at 50-100mg/week have a good increase of muscle without retaining water. The bigger doses can provoke the masculinity phenomena: acne, high libido and intensive growing of hear on face and legs but in rarely cases.

Men have fewer problems with EQUIPOISE. Because of the retain of water is insignificant, the increase of arterial tension in most cases doesn’t appear. The acne, the ginecomastia, and the high aggressively are rare. “The steroid fever” that everybody is afraid and that is possible when administrate the veterinary steroids is rarely manifested.

For those who have grips symptoms must use a smaller dose of the product. The sensation of hotness and the indisposition disappear after a few days. This produc isn’t toxic for the liver.

The biggest problem of EQUIPOISE is the high price and the inaccessibility on illegal market. In Russia , not long ago, u could obtain only Columbian Ganabol. For a bottle of 10 ml – 500mg active substance(50mg/ml) the price was 60$. In present it is on sale only the Indian Boldenon(vials of2 and 10 ml, 50mg/ml)