The active chemical substance: Metandrostenolon/Metandienondianabol
The commercial denomination:
Anabol 5mg
Anabolin 5mg
Dialon (out of market) 5mg
Naposim 5mg
Metanabol 5mg
Mentandienon 5mg
Mentandrostenolon 5mg
Nerobol 5mg
Pronabol-5 5mg
Stenolon 5mg
Trinergic 5mg

The Dianabol has a strong anabolic and androgenic action, which befriends the considerable increase of force and musculature. The Dianabol has a speedy and certain effect: the weight increase per 1-2 kilos a week during the first 6 weeks is supposed to be normal.

The Dinabol doses spectrum is very varied, especially for culturists, weightlifters and powerlifters ; their doses oscillates between 2 and 20 pastilles a day or even much more than that. The daily dose which has a real positive effect on sporter varies between 15-40 mg. The dosage is always made by the individual particularities of the sporter.

The beginners will not use more than 15-20 mg a day because this dose is sufficient to obtain good results even after only 8-10 weeks. If the concoction effect is diminishing after 8 weeks and the sporter wants to continue the treatment, he doesn’t have to increase the concoction dose. It is better to use an additional injectable steroid : 200 mg a week of Duraboiln or 200 mg a week of Primobolan or substitute it with one of the concoctions which had been presented earlier.

The Testosterone utilization it isn’t recommended for the beginners. The anxiously sporters will obtain good results if they associate 20-30 mg a day of Dianabol with 200-400 mg a week of Deca-Durabolin. Dan Duchain says: “If your musculature isn’t increased by using Deca in association with Dianabol, then it can’t be increased with no other concoction, no matter how effective it is.” . Those ho want first of all the force increase, and after that a developed musculature, can combine the Dianabol with the Oxandrolon or with the oral Winstrol. The high category sporters and those who weighs more than 100 kilos need a maxim 40 mg a day dose.

In the competition trainings, the Dianabol isn’t recommended, because it provokes in many cases a significant water accumulation. Those who doesn’t have this problem and those who are conversant with Nolvadex and Proviron can use in the fats elimination periods the Dianabol combined with the Parabolan, the Winstrol Depot, the Oxandrolon etc. Women who use the 10-20 mg a day dose of Dianabol obtain very good results. The culturist women who are insensate to side effects such as the masculinity phenomenon or the additional flow of androgens, use 2-4 pastilles a day during 4-6 weeks.

It is recommended to use the Dianabol at least two times a week to obtain the necessary concentration of the active chemical substance in blood, because the Dianabol effect lasts 3.5-4.5 hours. The scientific investigations observed that the duration of the Dianabol action during the training days is lesser to rest days and that’s why the best solution would be the 3 times a day utilization. The Dianabol will be used under the tongue because it has a methyl radical in the 17-alfa position; this way the risk of liver disturbances apparitions will be diminishing.

Pursuant to analysis results, from the 3th day after stopping the utilization of Dianabol, its active chemical substance (metandrostenolon) presence in blood is negative. This means that the pastilles effect is consumed. The athlete who participates to competitions and who’s test to see if he had been using drugs will be sure of this only if the urinary probation will be negative, because the elimination of the metandrostenol through urine takes more time.

The maxim concentration of the active chemical substance in blood appears after 1-3 hours after using it. The medium quantity of testosterone for mans is increased fivefold only after using a simple 10 mg dose. The significant influence of Dianabol on each athlete is explained by the reduction with 50-70% of the cortisone endogen production; that’s why the disintegration of proteins in the musculature cell is diminishing.

Although the Dianabol has many possible side effects, they are rarely if the sporter uses a 20 mg a day dose. The main problem in using Dianabol is the liver aggregate demand because if you use big doses for a long time, the steroid acts toxic on the liver. Even a 10 mg a day dose can increase the liver secretion, which becomes normal after you stop using the concoction. There are also possible side effects such as the arterial tension augmentations or the heartbeat intensifications which dictate a hypotensive concoction ( clofein for example);those things happen because the Dianabol increases the sporter’s weight due to the strong water accumulation. It will be necessary the utilization of Nolvadex and Proviron, because the Dianabol is aromatized and is easy transformed in estrogens, provoking for some athletes gynaecomasthy.

The Dianabol utilization intensifies the sebaceous glands because it has a strong androgen component which is converted in dihydrotestosteron; this side effect causes for some athletes acne on the face, on the neck, on the thorax or on the shoulders. In case of a hereditary predisposition, the Dianabol can accelerate the baldness because of the same thing: its transformation in dihydrotestosteron. The Dianabol action effect is significant for the endogen testosterone. The investigations demonstrated that a 20 mg daily dose can diminish the testosterone production level in the organism with 30-40% after only 10 days of use.

This thing is explained by the gonadotrophic effect of Dianobol because it blocks the gonad trophins production : HFS and HL during the hypophysis. Another disadvantage of Dianabol is that after you stop taking it, your musculature and your force will be diminished because the water accumulation is eliminated when you give up taking this concoction. If the athlete uses big doses (50 mg a day), it can be observed an aggressive behavior which would be an advantage if this aggressiveness would be used only during the trainings.

Those who have an “explosive” temper, should take in good consideration this Dianabol side effect. Even if Dianabol has many deficiencies, for most of the athletes is a “good disposition” anabolic which offers them disposition, an increased appetite and good results. These effects are a psychological support and concur to self-esteem increase.

The patent act right of “Ciba-Geigy” firm on the active chemical substance (metandienon) isn’t available any more, so the right to produce this medicine was obtained of other firms. The producers from other countries started to supply this substance on the market using different denominations. On the Russian market of steroids, the indubitable leader through the Dianabol concoctions became the Metandrostenol made by “Acrihim” firm.

But this concoction provokes many side effects, much more than the Dianabol. Lots of westerner experts think that this huge number of side effects, exists because this concoction isn’t Dianabol, it is 17-alfa methiltestosterone, probably the most toxic steroid and because the unfinished substance isn’t processed enough for metandrostenol production.

Both substances have a similar effect, but the oral one, 17-alfa-methiltestosterone, is more androgen and more toxic for the liver. However, the Metandrostenol is the most used steroid in Russia because of its strong action in association with the low cost ( 100 pastilles of each 5 mg – 4-5$) . The “Bioreactor” firm who produced many years Metandrostenol, today supplies the same concoction with the same characteristics and at the same price, named Metandienon.

On the Russian market are available other concoctions which are obtained through the same active substance : Nerobol, produced by Chinoin, a Hungarian firm (100 pastilles of each 5 mg – 8$, 500 pastilles – 35-40$) and Anabol, produced by “British Dragon Pharmaceuticals”( 200 pastilles of each 5 mg – 25-30$, 1000 pastilles – 100-200$).

Although these concoctions are more expensive than the Metandrostenol, there are lots of sporters who use them, convinced that those products are “veritable” Dianabol. More than that, athletes think that the Anabol is one of the best Dianabol concoctions which is sold in Russia. Important for the athletes: the Indian firm “B.M. Pharmaceuticals” launched the injectable Dianabol – the metandienon concoction – in phials of 10 ml with a 25 mg/ml concentration.