The active chemical substance:undecanoat testosterone
The commercial denomination
Andriol 40 mg;restandol andriol
Virigen 40 mg ;
Panteston 40 mg ;
Restandol 40 mg ;
Undestor 40 mg .

Andriol is one of the few new steroids from the last 20 years. In distinction of the SAA majority, arisen in 50’s and 60’s (one of them have already disappeared) , the Andriol appeared starting with 80’s. It is a revolutionary steroid, because as well as the Metiltestosterone, is the only testosterone concoction which is used through oral way.

The undecanoat testosterone active chemical substance, which is part of Andriol composition, is inhaled through the intestine and, avoiding the liver, it pervades the lymphatic system ; this action explains the oral method efficacy. In the same time, the liver function isn’t influenced at all.

The undecanoat testosterone is a complex ether of testosterone; in good part, it is transformed into the human organism in dihydrotestosterone. As a result, the Andriol is aromatized to minimum, meaning that only a small part of substance can be transformed in estrogens, because the dihydrotestosterone doesn’t aromatize and because of this the organism doesn’t feel the steroid’s action in the hormones production.

Andriol is a prevailed alternative for sporters who have difficulties concerning the testosterone usual concoctions injections. A big advantage of Andriol is the good permissiveness. It can be used for a long time combined for example with Deca-Durabolinul, for sporters who have a prudent attitude vis a vis their health. Theoretical, the Andriol should increase the force, the musculature and the accumulated liquid as well as the injectable steroids: Sustanon 250 and Entant Tesosterone.

The experiments demonstrate that the Andriol action is much lesser than the other concoctions, but is the main oral concoction for the prudent sporters who already have a negative experience concerning the injectable testosterone utilization and who know their side effects. In principle, the Andriol utilization is possible for competition trainigs.

Women will avoid the Andriol utilization, because its androgen components – as well as the all testosterone components – have a strong influence on their organism, provoking side effects such as hypertension, water accumulation in organism, acne, the inflated libido and other different masculinity characteristics.

Andriol has to be kept in a cool place (6-15 degrees) or in the fridge. Today, on the Russian market of concoctions with undecanoat testosterone only the Restanol is available; the Restanol is produced in Greece by “ORGANON” firm : 60 pastilles of 40 mg – 25-30 $, 30 pastilles – 14-17$.