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The most often mistakes in steroids use

The experts  consider that more than 20 million of athletes all around the world use steroids. From this group of athletes who use steroids, only 10 percent(%) do this in the right way and the rest of 90 percent (%) put their health in danger. This situation it is explained through the fact that the use of steroids happens without a medical control or without the minimal knowledges concerning steroids. This state of the problem it is in many cases followed by unwelcome effects, which could be from the start avoided. Duwayne Johnson the rock

Although those mistakes are fairly diversified, we can mark out some errors which are the most often. In this chapter, we try to mark out 5 mistakes, committed by those who use steroids, knowing that this errors couldn’t allow to obtain the expected effect. Every person who use or is going to use in the future SAA (Androgynous Anabolic Steroids) has to analysis very carefully his program. You just have to convince yourself that you aren’t included in those 9 millions of athletes who unfortunately risks their health unjust.


Use of big dosages

When it comes for steroids, the principle “the most, the best”, it is often completely wrong. The use of big dosages became the main problem for the amateur athletes. This usage is very dangerous for your health. The immoderate doses determine the liver and the kidneys to work in extreme ways and because of this they can be seriously affected. The flavour and the reperession of the specific testosterone secretion can be exaggerated under the action of the steroids surplus .

The human organism can process only a certain quantity of synthetic steroids. It is not capable to receive exaggerated doses and it often transforms the steroids surplus in estrogens. Because only the receiver zones contains the optimum quantity of steroids molecule, the rest of the molecules are furthermore. This optimum “filling” of the receiver zones happens by using small doses, so all the disputations about the champions who use daily 50 pastilles of Dianabol and weekly 5000 mg of Testosterone are just stories (20 pastilles of “Metan” daily and 2000 mg of Testosterone weekly isn’t a surprise any more, but is incorrect and impossible).

Bad food

The bad food can ease in a considerable way the anabolic effect of the steroids and to develop the unwelcome effects of them. The steroids show their benefits if they are used in correspondence with a food rich in proteins. The only steroid which has a considerable effect in proportion with a normal diet is Primobolan. The optimum quantity of calories which is consumed in a day including the use of steroids is 4000-7000 kilocalories ( the proteins, fats and carbon hydrates correlation it is chosen of the athlete).

To obtain this optimum quantity will be probably necessary to make additional efforts. The use of anabolic steroids can rise the holesterin level in blood and the arterial tension, which can produce heart diseases. If the athletes has serious intentions and is very convinced of the advantages of steroids use , he has to understand that a right food is an important part of his program. It is necessary to avoid the fats surplus in his diet, to diminish any sickness risks of the cardiac system, which is already in danger because of the use of steroids. In the same time, the chosen diet has to contain the necessary quantity of proteins and it also has to answer to the level which helps to obtain the maxim efficacy of the steroids.

Incorrect trainings  bodybuilding incorrect training

The training has to be intensive to provoke the catabolism state, because with this status of the organism, the steroids evolve the maxim activity. It has to be known that trainings are stimulations for the absorption made by the muscular cells of the anabolic steroids. Without an intensive stimulation, the steroids can’t have the expected effect on your musculature. Trainings has to be systematic and to orientate you on things with progressive difficulty(which are increased slowly).

Incorrect periodicity of the cycles

The steroids have a maxim efficacy and they are almost harmless when they are used with a correct periodicity of cycles and an ensemble of steroids good chosen; just like we said earlier, the concurrent use of 2 steroids in moderate doses can have a certain and an effective effect. Using different assays, it has been proven that for maintaining the initially equilibrium concerning the positive nitrogen it is necessary the slowly augmentation of the steroids dose.

Those facts show that during the steroids cycle it is necessary the use of the model which includes the slowly augmentation of the dosage, but more effective is the steroids types change with a period of time of maxim 8 weeks. The researches indicates the same thing: the unwelcome effects, the force and musculature loss which happens after stopping the steroids therapy can be reduced to minimal if it is used the right cycle. A “right cycle” means the slowly decrease of the dosage which is used at the end of the process. This decrease it is made to bring the organism at the normal state of the specific testosterone secretion.

Incorrect selected steroids

Lots of athletes increase the risk of getting complications and unwelcome effects using an incorrect selection of steroids. Anapolon, Halotestin and Metiltestosteron have to be included in the most dangerous category of steroids. If you decide you need to utilize one of this steroids, you should never use them more than 4-6 weeks.

It is also recommended not to use more then one concoction with a strong androgen effect, in case you use more steroids in parallel. It is better to choose the steroids which can be injected ; not only because they assure the constant flow of the concoction in blood, but they surpass the stage when the steroids consumed using the oral method lose their efficacy.

steroid injectionThis stage is about the steroids arrival to the liver, where the steroids consumed using the oral method, are saturated and are having a huge ruinous effect on the liver. Today, most of the athletes don’t know that they can obtain very good results concerning the force and musculature increase by using steroids with a weak androgen effect.

Although, lots of dangers concerning the androgen action of the steroids can be avoided. Pursuant to different practices, the steroids cycles with the use of some concoctions as Deca, Primobolan, Winstrol, Oxandrolone and small doses of Dianabol can be very efficacy.